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Top 1 Hairproduct Ever !!!

I promise you, this is the most impressive hair product you need for damaged and bleached/colored hair !!!!! I LOVE IT and all famous hair artists like Guy Tang are using this.

In USA you get this for 25$ or in Ebay for 30$


Most Colorful Beaches On Earth

Papakolea Beach, Hawaii, USA
green sand

Red Sand Beach, Rabida, Galapagos

10+ Birthday Gifts For Every Gender !

Tipp 1: Reiseticket mit Bus oder Zug oder Flugzeug

Tipp 2: Bungie Jumping

Tipp 3: Skydiving/Fallschirmspringen

Tipp 4: Gutscheine für Essen, Spa, Wellness, Onlinespiel, bestimmte Läden, usw

Tipp 5: Geld

Tipp 6: Selbstgemachten Kalender 

Tipp 7: Selbstgemachten Album

Tipp 8: Bilderrahmen mit Foto

Tipp 9: Blumenstrauß

Tipp 10: VR Brille für 10€-20€ in amazon

Tipp 11: Polaroid Kamera

Tipp 12; Happy Birthday Video

Tipp 13: Buch

Tipp 14: Jelly Bellys (same colors but two different tastes)