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Top Clubs in Seoul,Difference between GANGNAM & HONGDAE & ITAEWON District !

#1 reason why the nightlife in Seoul is so special is because Koreans love to get drunk.
Every year, South Korea tops the charts for the highest consumption of alcohol per person in the world.  In fact, Koreans drink more than twice the amount as Russians, with an average of 13.7 shots of liquor per person per week (2014). They like to drink soju and it is veeery cheap. Koreans drink it like beer.

1. Bring the real passport ( copy of passport or other ID cards won’t work in some clubs )

2. Be aware of Age Limit

I went to many clubs around the world, and I was very surprised when I saw 30, 40 years old people were in the clubs. In Korea, normally age limit is 19~30 years old.

If you want to go to some place, check the age limit first before you decide to go.

3. Be aware of Dress Code

Some clubs are VERY STRICT to the dress code and your appearance. This is quite subjective, but you should try to look formal & proper. GUYS!!! Don’t wear a short pants even it’s very hot in summer.
4. Don’t forget you can enter some clubs for free, through our web-site.
We provide free-entrance to our partner clubs. Our partner clubs are one of the most biggest club, famous club, major clubs. They are with us to promote their names to the outcountries.
5. Be aware of the people
Some men can get very tipsy, but that's very normal :))

Gangnam– Gangnam is the main district for Seoul’s luxurious and posh nightclubs that are multi-leveled with massive dance floors and top-notch sound systems. Gangnam is compared to the “Beverly Hills” of Seoul with its wealth and fashion. Basically, this is where all of the celebrities and rich folks hang out and spend ridiculous amounts of money, but it’s also trending for young 20-somethings who want to party all night.  If you want to do some serious clubbing in Seoul, then definitely go to Gangnam!
Gangnam ( Gangnam station line2 )
1. Mature ( average age 26 )
People in Gangnam are quite older than Hongdae or Itaewon.
And Hongdae, Itaewon clubs have a strict age limit, But gangnam clubs are quite opened.
2. Luxurious & Modern
You might know about Gangnam becaus of PSY. Gangnam is one of the most expensive area (for the land price) in Korea. Of course, to maintain the profit, the places should be much more expensive than Hongdae or Itaewon.
Naturally, it becomes an expensive places.
(Tequila shot in Hongdae = 5,000 KRW in Gangnam = 10,000 KRW)
3. Major
The most Biggest club & The most expensive club & The most famous clubs.
These kind of places are all in Gangnam area.
4. Formal
People are more like Suit&Dress than a hip-hop & Street.

Of course there are hip-hop fashion too. But not that much.

Itaewon– Itaewon is the foreigner district of Seoul, but it’s also trending for young to middle-aged Koreans. Here, you will find several bars (some fancy, some casual), as well as various night clubs and pubs. The healthy mix of foreigners and locals gives Itaewon a unique feel that’s always full of energy.
Itaewon ( Itaewon station line 6 )
1. Normal ( Average age 24 years old )
2. Foreign
There are many foreigners. Actually from the beginning,Itaewon was developed for foreigners. They have lot of Turkish restaurant, Greek restaurant, Arabic restaurant, etc.
3. Diverse
Not only there are multi-national restaurants, clubs have been also diversed.
Hiphop Lounge, Electro clubs, Tropical music, Reggae music, Deep-house, Tech house.
There are very diverse clubs you can find in Itaewon.


Hongdae– This is the ultimate hipster area of Seoul. Go here to see young Korean trends and fashion at its finest. Hongdae is like a college campus, because there are several big universities around the area. Everything in Hongdae is cheap, and there are more bars and clubs than I can count. It’s always crowded, and the street vendors/local restaurants stay open 24 hours. Every night you can find several amazing streetartists, but also in the afternoon there are some streetartists. In the evening Hongdae is very crowded, mostly in the weekend.
Hongdae ( Hong-ik university station line2 )
1.  Young ( average 22 years old ).
People are young in Hongdae area.
2. Extraordinary
All people have different style. Hip-hop&Casual&Dandy&Suit&Street
3. Group
People tend to move around in groups. And also dance together and drink together.

HERE you find the top clubs with details about price and address and some videos