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Top FREE Apps for Travelling !

#1 Skyscanner

Skyscanner is available for tablets and smartphones or you can go into the website www.skyscanner.com (also available in many other languages). 
You can find the cheapest tickets from a destination to a certain city or even to countries (where they show which city in this country is the cheapest) in the next years, for a certain month, for a certain week or of course for a certain day.

Just try it, it is very easy to use. You will love it !

#2 XE Currency

Top Clubs in Seoul,Difference between GANGNAM & HONGDAE & ITAEWON District !

#1 reason why the nightlife in Seoul is so special is because Koreans love to get drunk.
Every year, South Korea tops the charts for the highest consumption of alcohol per person in the world.  In fact, Koreans drink more than twice the amount as Russians, with an average of 13.7 shots of liquor per person per week (2014). They like to drink soju and it is veeery cheap. Koreans drink it like beer.

1. Bring the real passport ( copy of passport or other ID cards won’t work in some clubs )

2. Be aware of Age Limit

I went to many clubs around the world, and I was very surprised when I saw 30, 40 years old people were in the clubs. In Korea, normally age limit is 19~30 years old.

If you want to go to some place, check the age limit first before you decide to go.

3. Be aware of Dress Code

Some clubs are VERY STRICT to the dress code and your appearance. This is quite subjective, but you should try to look formal & proper. GUYS!!! Don’t wear a short pants even it’s very hot in summer.
4. Don’t forget you can enter some clubs for free, through our web-site.