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Top FREE Apps for Travelling !

#1 Skyscanner

Skyscanner is available for tablets and smartphones or you can go into the website www.skyscanner.com (also available in many other languages). 
You can find the cheapest tickets from a destination to a certain city or even to countries (where they show which city in this country is the cheapest) in the next years, for a certain month, for a certain week or of course for a certain day.

Just try it, it is very easy to use. You will love it !

#2 XE Currency

You get an overview of the currencies which you need to choose.
It updates every minute, so you can see how the currency changes every minute. In addition you can get an overview of the currency how they changed in a certain time(year/month).

3# MAPS.ME - Offline Map with Routing, City Guide, POI Location, Subways ...

It is the best offline map, so you don't need internet. You have to download the map of the country you want to visit. You can receive directions to specific locations and of course you can use this everywhere. Never get lost again ! Offline search: -locate everything you need on the map and put a pin on it. 
Just try it out ! You will easily get used to it !

#4 Airbnb

You don't have a place to sleep and hotels are to expensive ?
Then you must have this app. People around the world who are not at home for a certain time or people who have more apartments offer their occupation. They often offer a free room in their apartment (that means you live with them together so be careful). You can see the location on the map and the price per night. What's more, you can also offer your apartment or only a private room. www.airbnb.com


#5 Pack The Bag

Have you ever forgotten something for your trip ?
This will never happen again. You can choose from almost 650 baggage items in 26 categories and easily create new baggage items and categories. You can activate the reminder when to start packing.

#6 Rome2rio

It is a comprehensive global trip planner that helps you to discover how to get anywhere. You can enter any town, address or landmark as your destination and Rome2rio will instantly display flight, train, bus, ferry, and driving options with estimated travel times and fares. But you can use it only for the actual day, not for the next days or month. All in all you should use if if you decide something spontaneously or you just want to know how much it would cost from one point to the other point and what kind of transport you should use.